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Why Joining AHC


Our nice work environment, our good team work, our interest in developing our employee's skills, our dedication for Palestine and the development of its tourism sector, our passion for what we do and our careful planning for a better future for our company, are some of the reasons why you might want to join our team. Moreover the AHC offer its employees the following benefits;

1. Offered Benefits:
  • Health Insurance: 
The AHC offers its employees very efficient health insurance options as well as coverage for all work accidents according to the articles of the insurance policy. 
  • End of Service compensation:
The law in Palestine for pension funds is only enforced for the public sector. For that, and until the law includes private businesses, the AHC offers its employees compensation at the end of their service years, which is basically a one month salary for each year of their service disbursed once they leave work.. The AHC will do all that is possible to offer its employees the best compensation plans and keep up with any new legislation regarding end of services compensations.

2. Work and holidays
  • Working hours
The working days in the company are from Saturday till Thursday. This mean that employees get one day off a week, usually Friday. In return the company works only from 8 am till 3 pm except for Sunday and Thursday where work hours are from 8 am till 1:30 pm. 
  • Holidays
Each employee is entitled to 21 days as an annul leave to be taken consecutively or in  a divided manner in accordance with the convenience of the employee, 14 sick days provided that proper sick reports and documents are available and all official public holidays declared by the Palestinian Authority.

3. Developing with AHC
It is important when you choose your career to think of development on the personal level. The AHC is committed to do all it can to help its employees to develop their skills and to develop in their work and positions. The AHC helps the employees to enroll in skill upgrading training relevant to their work. Moreover, the AHC, frequently offers its employees training courses relevant to its work.


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